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June 15, 2014

Hello friends!

This year I participated in MeMadeMay for the first time. Since 80%-90% of my wardrobe is already me-made I could be said to participate year-round anyway, but now that I have a blog I wanted to do so more officially. However, MMM is supposed to be a challenge and just wearing me-mades everyday would be a cheat for me, so I gave myself the challenge of wearing clothes made with Indie Patterns at least once per week and sewing only with Indie patterns throughout the month. This means that none of the patterns used to make the dresses I’m posting today are vintage, but it turned out that a few were made from vintage fabric! Also, the Indie patterns I gravitate towards tend to have a vintage vibe to them.

All three that I’m posting here were made with Colette’s Macaron pattern, but modified to greater and lesser degrees.

This first one was made with one of my favourite cotton fabric sources – a vintage bedsheet!

The little green buttons are also vintage – oh – and so is the purse!


This second dress is basically a copy of the one above only with a somewhat less full skirt (fullness ends up depending on the width of the fabric as I’m lazy and just use selvedge to selvedge rectangles).

The print fabric is a piece of vintage cotton I scored at the Textile Museum of Canada’s annual “More than a Yard Sale” fundraiser last year. I’d had the solid cotton sateen for ages already and what a lucky co-incidence that they matched so perfectly! Incidentally, the green buttons are the same ones as on the dress above; I had 6 of them, they worked a treat for both dresses, and that meant no odd numbers left over!


The third one is the most modified and I even gave it a name: The Mod-Maca-Thorn. It’s inspired by a design I saw on Modcloth + a modification of the Macaron bodice + the skirt pattern pieces from Colette’s Hawthorn pattern.

And it’s another vintage bedsheet!


If you’re interested, you can see more pictures and more of my Me-Made-May’14 makes on my blog here, here and here


  1. This is perfect. I’ve got quite the little collection of vintage bedsheets and I keep hesitating to use them because I’m afraid they’ll sceam “I’m made from a bedsheet” but these look awesome. I’m inspired.

    1. I was afraid of that myself the first time I tried it. But you can get over that pretty quickly. As long as they’re patterns/prints you like, it will look just like any fabric once it’s made up. And they often have the added advantage of being very soft and so lovely to wear. Oh – and there’s the extra bonus of enjoying the look on people’s faces when you tell them your dress (or whatever) is made from a bed sheet – priceless!

  2. These are fab! I particularly like your blue, green and white one….. I need to copy….
    I have made pyjamas from an old bedsheet before and love them and have another sheet waiting in my stash. Maybe the inspiration you’ve given me will use it?

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