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Floral 90-ies dress

June 22, 2014

Being a log time lurker and admirerer of all your work, I thought I should finally get around to contribute myself.
Not entirely sure if the 90-ies count as retro yet (kinda hope not since that seriosly makes me feel ancient :)), anyway I recently made up a floral cotton dress after a Burda pattern from 1992 (M10435 F 513 and 514). I was originally a top and skirt but I knew I would get way more use out of a dress and therefore combined the two. Otherwise I changed absolutely nothing, it was a perfect fit.

The fabric has a slight stretch to it, which made the fit easy and the dress very comfortable to wear.

It has a full skirt, which makes it perfect for a twirl – and who doesn’t like a twirlly dress 🙂

Happy sewing ye all 🙂


  1. Sadly I think 90’s especially early 90’s is considered retro now :(. I remember when this dress was popular. I always felt that the designers were inspired by earlier eras when they created it. You did a great job on this dress.

  2. That’s really nice. I wish the 90s were not retro too, but as this could be kind of 50s let’s just not mention it. This reminds me a lot of the ever present Cambie dress. I really like the neckline, very nice, you have it fitted really well too.

  3. I owned that dress back in the late 80s and wore it to death! I hope you love yours as much as I did mine! Great job!

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