1917 Madeleine Vionnet Wrap Dress (Japanese Bunka Book pattern #2)

Yay, dress muslin #2 from this project is finished!

Here is a photo of the original, which shows how important fabric choice is: (source here)

Dress #2 is a wrap dress with the front bodice on the bias, skirt is made of three layers. Layer 1 is a very wide heavily gathered rectangle, Layer 2 is another gathered but narrower and longer rectangle is on top, and Layer 3 are two bubble poofs, each made of 3 gathered pieces of fabric. The top of the bodice back, front, and neck strap have fabric roses attached to them.

This dress didn’t fit me initially (tears!) but I added 3 inches to the CB as well as 5 inches to the bodice front – WHEW! Then it fit, but barely as you can see. Not a bra friendly dress.

It has great swish factor because of the 2 back poofs, but the dress really becomes something else once you discover that you can put your arms through the poofs and turn them into sleeves. Magic! Probably unintentional, but a fun discovery nonetheless.

The roses were created by a Vionnet Rose Pattern from the Center for Pattern Design:

If you’re interested, I’ve more photos and construction information on my sewing blog here: http://cathywu.com/journal/kalali/2014/06/17/vionnet-dress-pattern-2-1917-wrapped-with-roses/ I also made an animated gif of how to wear it, which I tried to post here but didn’t work.

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  • This is beautiful and I really think you could make it out of some beautiful fabric and wear it for evening attire. Great post. Thanks.

    • Ditto! In the right fabric this would make a gorgeous fancy dress! Even though this is just a muslin it’s lovely!

      • Thanks! I’m going to wait until I’ve made a few more muslins, then pick my favorite dresses to be made out of silks and other drapey fabrics


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