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TBT: My First Vintage Pattern Make

May 1, 2014

Hi All!


I’ve been doing a Throwback Thursday series on my blog, posting my makes from my pre-blogging days, and this Thursday I posted about my first vintage pattern make!

My first vintage make was this dress when I was 16 (about 7 years ago), although I had just turned 18 in this photo. Time flies…

I made it from this vintage Simplicity pattern 5040

Just a super-cute, shirt waist dress, with the adorable little pocket. I remember I was terrified for the notched collar, but the pattern instructions are so good in vintage patterns that I had no problem. I wasn’t brave enough to set in a sleeve however, and instead I decided to ditch the sleeves and make it sleeveless with a little binding edge. I’m still happy with my decision.

Still loving this pocket!

I was also too afraid to do buttonholes, so I would just pin the top and wear that wide elastic belt over it- it worked!

I remember being quite smitten with this dress and wearing it to highschool all the time- which all my ripped jeans and Hollister hoodie classmates thought was quite eccentric. I was a trend setter- only nobody followed my trends…

Did you have a really unique style during highschool? Did everyone give you the once-over in the hallways too?

Also, I have a longer post you can check out over on my blog!


xo erin

  1. I love it! I’m going to have to give the “no buttons” a try. (I hate button holes still!) It’s funny how in your part of the world you may be seen as different but in other places someone else is doing the same thing. 🙂

  2. Erin, super dress! Your ability to be an individual so early is a super plus for your future. Followers are a dime a dozen. Leaders are rare.

  3. Aww, thanks guys! And I would recommend the no buttons, as long as you have a decent overlap at the waist I found having an elastic belt was a comfier alternative!

  4. Don’t be afraid of buttonholes. Just practice until you feel comfortable. Mark carefully and take your time. Remember, you usually can unpick the stitches from the back with care, if it went goofy on you before it’s been cut open.

  5. Thanks! And I have now conquered my fear of buttonholes- I figured it out when I was making myself the ‘Jacket Express’ denim jacket from the Islander Sewing System. Lots more buttonholes will be in my future- perhaps this summer I will even finish the buttonholes on this old thing, 7 years isn’t too late! lol 🙂

  6. Cute! Your fear of buttonholes reminds me of my irrational fear of zippers (which I have since conquered, like yourself).
    I taught myself to sew in highschool too and was always strutting around in cut-up-and-put-back-together random creations.. can’t say I didn’t get looked at a bit funny. Didn’t mind of course!

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