Ridiculous? YES. Comfortable? Oh, yes!

A couple of months ago, I found myself in between projects and I wanted something quick to sew to cleanse the sewing palette.

I went digging through my out of control collection of vintage patterns and found this Advance 8816 in size 16 I picked up last year from Etsy.

How adorable is this pattern?

I scrounged around my fabric stash and found something that would be suitable for a pair of cute pyjamas.  What I found was ridiculous, but perfect.

Pretty underthings.

Why not make a pair of pyjamas out of a lightweight cotton with lingerie printed on it?  I was sold.  I didn’t QUITE have enough for the pant view, so I had to make the shorts and use white broadcloth for unseen facings.  I also realized too late that I didn’t have enough cotton bias tape for the shorts, so I made do with rayon bias tape for them.  Sometimes you just have to compromise on a spur of the moment project!

The top is a little more involved than I would have originally thought, but I love the sheer ridiculousness of the finished product.  The shorts were straight-forward and easy-peasy.

My dress form doesn’t have “legs” so the shorts look awkward on her, but check out the top!!!

Ridiculously cute I say!

After some discussion with my friend, it’s agreed that I should make this again in a sheer, flimsy fabric.  She suggested mauve fabric with bubblegum pink satin piping.  Pastels aren’t my thing, but I like the idea. To be continued?…







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I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC (Canada) and have been sewing for almost 30 years (eek!) My grandmother put my first "real" sewing project in my hands when I was about 8 years old - a counted cross stitch - to ensure my hand sewing was up to par before I was allowed to use a machine. I have recently "retired" and while learning to be a haus frau for my almost vegan hubby and my four-legged Parson Terrier son, I have had a chance to get back to sewing! I hope to be able to share some of my work with you on a fairly regular basis!

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  • Totally adorable and I love that print and the contrast binding. What Fun!

    • Thank you!

  • Adorable! Where did you find that fabric?

    • Thanks BobbinBombshell! I picked it up several years ago at my local Fabricland. I had bought it to use to teach a student, but it ended up in my stash instead. I can’t remember the designer name. Sorry!

  • This is adorable and the short version is perfect for the summer months ahead!

    • Thanks Ally! I thought so too.

  • Awesome! !

    • Thanks!

  • These are so cute! I really love your fabric too.


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