Well, I actually did it. After starting at the end of February, I finally finished my prom dress. This was a big endeavor for me as I started sewing about a year ago.


I made a tealength strapless sweethert neckline 50s-esque gown. It is made with crepe-back satin and layered tulle and lace. I designed this myself with the help of my directed study advisor. I also utilized tutorials on how to make a basic bodice sloper and how to make a sweetheart neckline bodice.

Here are pictures!

I also made my own petticoat using this tutorial suggested by Tina C. The picture of my hair is how I’m going to do it for prom! I’m wearing these really cute velvety green t strap heels.

I also plan on making a bowtie for my prom date with the excess crepe back satin I have.



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  • So pretty! I love how this turned out!

  • Adorable! What a fun party dress!

  • Wow. All those layers and all that lace so much cutting and sewing! I love those layers and I love how that underskirt too, it looks like its about to walk off the table its so stiff. Brillian

  • That looks awesome! You will be stunning :)

  • Such a great job! Love the petticoat. Your whole life through you will never have “bad prom picture” regret because your look is youthful and timeless.

  • Amazing job! Congratulations!

  • Lovely! What a huge accomplishment. You definitely need to post your prom photo!

  • Beautiful! And I agree with Betty, we need to see your prom photo!

  • What a fun dress! Great job!

  • Wow. Fantastic! What a terrific accomplishment for you and it looks super pretty.


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