Finished Sew For Victory Dress

My 2014 Sew for Victory dress, finished at last and I wanted to share a few pictures. I first posted about this sewing project here when I revealed my fabric and pattern. The vintage fabric I picked up somewhere ages ago, I really can’t remember! It was super light and perfect for this late 1930s dress. A little surprise was finding the original price tag still attached. 🙂 The next time I wear the dress I’ll be sure to pick a longer slip to wear underneath. This was actually the first time I put everything on together and it was only then that I realized the slip was a little on the short side for this dress. Oops.

The pattern I used was McCall 3306 from March 1939. (I only know that because the date was stamped on the inside of the pattern envelope.) After some debate I decided to make the double collar with the lace. I really like how it looks on the dress but I’m not super crazy about it on me.

Here is the mostly finished dress.

The hat my own creation and very much inspired by those darling doll and tilt style hats so popular in the late 1930s. I actually used a straw dolls hat as my base. After a quick soak in some warm water I re-shaped it, let it dry over night then added a bit of antique velvet ribbon.

Be sure to check out the Sew for Victory Flickr album to see pictures of everyone’s finished projects. 🙂 Rochelle of Lucky Lucille will also be putting together a project parade video so be sure to look for that on her blog.

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  • Beautiful dress! You did a wonderful job.

  • I love this on you, even the collar. You look perfectly like you stepped out of the war era.
    Keep up the great work!

  • The collar is my favourite part and looks wonderful on you!!

  • I saw you on flickr and fell in love with your dress and how you styled it. You look beautiful in that collar!

  • I think your outfit looks great (although I agree about the slip). The dress, collar and hat make for an amazing period look.


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