“Atonement” inspired dress

May 21, 2014

I have wanted an emerald evening dress since I saw Keira Knightley’s stunning silk one in the film “Atonement”. I used Vintage Vogue 2859 after searching for a 1930’s style pattern and made a few design alterations- I added fullness to the skirt, cut on the bias and made a waist/hip sash. My tutorial for the pattern alterations is on my blog here, and more pics of my gorgeous sister modelling the dress are here, she saw it when she was visiting and wanted to wear it- lucky me for such great pictures!



  1. This is soo beautiful! I have to agree with Catherine! This is one of the best recreations I’ve seen. Do you plan on wearing it out? I’d just want to lounge in it and pretend to be fancy (:

  2. Gorgeous! You did such a great job! I haven’t seen that movie , but it reminds me a little of the white gown that Penelope Ann Miller wore in The Shadow.

  3. Oh my! this is so beautiful, LOVE the colour – it is such a good match to the atonement dress, I mean didn’t everyone swoon at that dress! Great job!! so glamourous!

  4. I have this pattern but haven’t made it up yet. It’s great to see what you did with it! Jealous of your lovely green fabric – that hue is so hard to find where I live – let alone in a silky material that drapes so beautifully! Inspiration to try it out. Hope you get to wear it out somewhere fabulous!

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