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Vintage Pattern Tracing & Storage

Or, What do you do with your old North Korea maps?!  We have been weeding lots of out-of-date maps at work (Soviet Union, anyone?), and I’ve been doing my best to put them to good use.  One vintage-related use is to redraw patterns onto these maps, to make them sturdier.  Another, which I’m actually more pleased about, is to turn the old maps into envelopes, mark the pattern name & number on the front with a short description, and then put the original pattern, its envelope & the newly-traced pattern all inside. Because the new envelope is a LOT bigger, it requires much less folding (ergo, less frustration), and it means the more fragile vintage pattern doesn’t have to be manhandled back into a tiny envelope, which, by the way, is probably tearing, too!  

Here’s Bella, supervising me from under a North Korea map…


About the author: Karen is a sewing/textiles blogger in Washington, DC who started this blog with the amazing Bella, a cat who is also queen of the universe. When not playing with Bella, Karen loves to read (Librarian!), travel, bike ride, cook, eat, and sew vintage, which seems to be the type of clothing that fits & flatters me! I also share textiles from the collection my husband & I have been able to amass while living overseas & on our travel thru 65+ countries.

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  • Ohsewdarling April 10, 2014, 3:36 am

    Excellent idea! I’ve conquered the pattern tracing, the cutting and sewing but getting the pattern back into the envelope drives me mad every time

  • Tam Francis April 10, 2014, 8:26 am

    GREAT idea. I’ve been toying with the idea of copying some of my vintage patterns. I’ve got ones from the 30s-60s and the older ones are so delicate and some I’ve used so much, there’s almost too many pin holes.

    Thanks for this awesome idea!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

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