Hello, and a 1930s Wedding Dress

Hello all,

The usual – long time lurker etc. I’ve been sewing for at least two thirds of my life and am a part-time seamstress for hire. I also work in the theatre industry as a Stage Manager and Props builder. I’ve recently been making things from my vintage pattern stock, some of which are posted on my blog, and others which will be soon!

I thought for my first post, I’d share a project that I completed in the fall for a good friend’s wedding. Since I’ve been on contract for the past few months, I’ve just recently been able to add it to my site. I’ve been getting into 1930s styles, and the bride is a long time fan of the era, so it was a perfect fit that we design her dress accordingly. As a prelude, I don’t normally do wedding dresses. I feel that there is a large pool out there and I’m only interested if it’s a special, personalized gown. My previous versions have included a light green dress, and a Sleepy Hollow themed wedding party.

I did lots of research on 30s gowns, and working with fabric on the bias. Here’s the finished gown on the bride – in the end, I could not get it onto my dress form as there were no fastenings. The bodice is entirely cut on the bias and fits her like a glove (a glove that fits obviously…).

Late afternoon light on a lovely lady.

Action shot.

Princess seams, a beaming Groom and a fairy flower girl.

The pattern was self drafted. Pearl beads accent the front and back neckline.

Bodice beading and a custom veil too!

A train was attached with pearl beads also, which was removed for the reception (for dancing and sitting comfortably).

The back View without the train.

For more pics and nerdy sewing details, see the full post here.

More fun projects to come!

~ Heather

• Meet the Author • HeatherLeeBea

Mostly self taught seamstress with attention to detail. Likes to take on new and interesting projects to expand her knowledge/skills and keep things fresh. Has worked for independent / regional theatre and private clients. Loves to do research on projects. Subscribes to the “make do and mend” philosophy – to repair or re-vamp if possible and give new life to existing items. Fashion and function are equally important. If something isn’t comfortable or usable it’s not worth making. Thinks that educating yourself and others on fashion history and proper fitting is important to making everyone look their best. Uses mostly vintage sewing machines – they tend to keep up with me! Loves her cordless iron! Favorite fabrics are cottons and wool suiting. There is a time and place for crepe back satin and it’s not for formal wear : )

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  • lovely dress! congratulations on your wedding!

    • Thanks! It wasn’t my wedding, but friends and colleagues in the theatre world. I love doing unique bridal wear!

  • It appears some of the links are not working above, so here is the full post for this dress: http://www.heatherleebea.com/2014/03/28/1930s-wedding-dress/ and the Sleepy Hollow Wedding is here: http://www.heatherleebea.com/punk-faerie-productions-project-archives-2011/ Thanks!

    • Looks like you had some extra /’s in two of the links. Fixed it for you 🙂

      • Thanks Katherine! I noticed that too but I couldn’t fix it from the back end.

  • Congratulations! And it’s an amazing dress! If I’m ever going to be married I want to sew my own 30s gown too!

  • Wow, that’s an amazing dress!
    I love how you attached the skirt in points. That is exactly one of those nice details in original 1930’s designs which set them apart from more generic bias cut looks.


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