The 40s-50s Waikiki dress

Hello everybody!!

Here in northern France the spring is almost there.

And also it is still very (too much!) cold, I had a sudden will to make me a “paradisiac island dress” !

I used a 1950s pattern from “New style” for the top, and a retro high waisted skirt pattern to make my perfect Waikiki summer dress!


If you want to read and see more about this project, feel free to come and visit my blog! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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  • I really like everything about the outfit! It reminds me of summer!

  • Bon travail! Great fabric choice, looks very authentic.

  • Lovely

  • Wow! It’s 15F here, so your pretty dress is a good reminder summer is coming. Wonderful fabric.

  • What a perfect dress!

  • Oh thanks everyone!! Yey Vintager and Bella, it really does remind me of summer too! héhé!

  • Wow, amazing dress!


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