Discoveries in a Victorian Trunk

Hi everyone! I have been lurking more than posting these days, but I recently made a discovery I couldn’t keep to myself.

I just love Craigslit. I check it with enthusiasm daily. A few weeks ago a man posted that his wife’s Grandmother’s trunk had been found in the attic and it was full of Victorian clothing. Not just any Victorian clothing I would soon find out, but some as old as 1840. I was stoked. The only thing I didn’t like about the listing was that it said to make an offer, which is something I HATE to do. Not because I’m uncomfortable doing it, but you can never tell if people are going to be offended with what you offer them, weather or not it is a fair or more than fair price.

So I made an offer and he took it! So I drove the 1.5 hrs across the state and picked up my lovely trunk contents (he kept the trunk, which was fine with me!) I am a happy girl!

Here are a few bits of eye candy. See more on my blog!

• Meet the Author • Eleanormeriwether

I started sewing in 2005 when my husband borrowed his mother's sewing machine for me and told me that I could make corsets for myself (instead of paying $500 a pop for them.) It was the first thing I ever made. and the first thing I ever sold! The rest is history I'm a Fashion Designer/Antique Dealer just south of Atlanta!

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  • Wow, that’s amazing!
    I’m going to your blog right now to see more.

  • Wow! That’s awesome!

  • I am dying to know how she kept these items from being completely ridden with moth holes. The dresses look almost perfect and I can imagine her walking down a boardwalk somewhere wearing her corset and bustle underneath, maybe even hat, gloves and parasol (smile). When I store clothes even for a couple years, I find tiny holes in them and yellow stains (sigh)! For their age, those dresses are magnificent. Beautiful treasures you found.

    • It’s all about environment, clothes stored in dust free environments, with low humidity, no light and a stable temperature will last a long time. Bugs will eat anything with food on it and are attracted to dust (much of which is made of human hair and skin flakes ewwww), so make sure items are clean and packed to prevent dust/bugs getting in! Hopefully more treasure chests like these pop up, it’s pretty magical.

  • You are so lucky! I wish I could find something like this! It’s so beautiful!

  • Thanks for all the compliments! I have truly oohed and ahhed over these pieces! I have had a few lots of Victorian clothing before, but nothing like this! I’ll definitely post more when I get them.

  • Wow! I have never been so lucky as to come across anything as wonderful as those! Congrats!

  • Oh my god oh my god! I love this period and what fantastic examples. Those half-boots are so unusual and wonderful – what an incredible score, and thank goodness these items have found someone who will love and respect them as they deserve! Please do share more!

  • What an awesome find!


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