A 50s classic

Hello all!

I this is not (mostly) sewing, but to be technical I knitted the fabric and had to sew it into a sweater, so I’m counting it as sewing 😉

Besides, I really want to share my latest make with you all, and of course this lovely part of Norwegian culture!

This is a traditional Norwegian knitted sweater, called “Marius”. It is an immensely popular pattern, and has been for over 60 years. I made it for my Mister, but it sadly turned out too small, so I have a new sweater now!  Woot 🙂


If you want to see and read more about it, you are all welcome over to my place by clicking the photo.



• Meet the Author • PinhouseP

I am a Norwegian gal, born in 1976. I discovered sewing in spring 2013, so I am kind of a newb :) I have always loved everything vintage, and was thrilled to find I could actually make my own vintage inspired clothing using old patterns! I love many different eras, but the 1940s hold a special place in my heart :) I am so glad to have found the online sewing community, so many talented people. Very inspiring :)

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  • It was only when I posted about my sweaters (knitted on a knitting machine, using 1950’s patterns) that I realized there is no tag for knitting here on We Sew Retro, so maybe those things didn’t actually belong here…
    But I’m very impressed with your sweater.

    • Thank you 🙂
      Well, probably there should be no knitting here, but it is retro and many both knit and sew. I am sure someone will tell us off if we make mistakes 😉


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