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1950’s “Miss Kitty” shorts

February 4, 2014
Sew Jillian's Miss Kitty Shorts

Sew Jillian's MIss Kitty Shorts

Firstly an explanation of the name! I sewed these shorts up with my 1950 Singer Featherweight 221k sewing machine, the first garment project I have used it for. My Featherweight purrs like a kitten so I named her Miss Kitty… and so the Miss Kitty Shorts were born.

Fashion Cut Patterns 9720It was lovely to have sewn up these shorts from 1950’s era Fashion Cut Pattern 9720 on a machine of the same vintage. I had hoped to solely use the Featherweight, but must admit to not staying completely faithful to that goal when it came to seam finishing (serger/overlocker) and button hole construction (I had to use my modern Janome when the attachment for the Featherweight deigned not to cooperate!).

Though I have been sewing for many years, these are my first pants/shorts! I was so chuffed with how they turned out as I was terrified of trying to figure out fit. But right out of the packet they were almost perfect. The only modifications to fit were to take in two inches (total) at the waist side seams grading to nothing at the hip, and to shorten the crotch length with a hasty, quick and dirty tailoring method! You can see more details of this at my blog if you are interested.

Sew Jillian's Miss Kitty Shorts

These shorts are made from a lovely medium to heavy weight cotton sateen (with a bit of lycra making them very comfy) and I used a cream cotton voile for the pocket lining and tab facings as using the fashion fabric would have been too bulky. I made a few departures from the construction instructions which were very sparse! They certainly didn’t believe in hand-holding instructions at Fashion Cut 🙂 I reviewed the pattern here if you’d like further details

All in all I am so very proud of these shorts and am now tempted to delve further into pants/trousers tailoring… I’d love a pair of sailor style pants!

  1. You did a beautiful job with the stripes! They look perfect on the side seams and the waistband looks cute the way you placed it. I love the way you did the tabs with stripes going the other direction. Not to mention that you look stunning in them!

  2. Truth? There was no way to match stripes on the waistband after inserting darts in the back, it totally skewed it! But I was pretty happy with the rest of the stripes

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