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first of all I’d like to apologize if my English seems weird. I’m not fluently speaking English yet, but I will try to give my best 🙂

Last year I saw the movie “Captain America” and immediately fell in love with the USO Girls in the beginning and especially their outfits.

Sometimes I try to cosplay again (sort of stopped a while ago) and thought this would be a nice and easy costume to get back into the vibe.

The patterns are all selfmade, so I can’t really share any recommendations but I’m sure there are some tutorials out there, as this is quite a popular costume among Marvel cosplayer 🙂


The fabric is a cotton satin and the petticoat is made of chiffon.

Sewing the sequin fabric was quite annoying but I’m glad I somehow managed to get the collar right 😀

I hope you like the costume 🙂


• Meet the Author • Reika

Hello there, I'm Reika, 24, from Germany and I'm a trained seamstress, cosplayer, retro and vintage lover and fabric hoarder ;D Unfortunately I blog in German so I thought it'd be a good idea to share my sewing projects on here, as I always try out old/vintage/reproduction patterns and would like to share my opinion on them :)

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  • Oh, this is a very cute costume! You look so pretty! (And hello to a fellow German. *waves*)

  • Very fun and very nice! Great job!

  • You did a fantastic job! One of the best USO Girl versions I have seen.

  • Ach, ist das süß 🙂

  • Love this! Job well done 🙂

  • Wow your outfit is amazing!


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