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Simplicity 6127

Hello there! I literally just finished these pants. It’s my first pair of pants! This is actually my second pair of them, I liked them so much! But truthfully, I got the fabric for two before I made either so I’m glad they worked out so well. I made no major alterations, only took in the inseam 2 cm all the way to the hem. I really like high waisted pants! I always felt guilty wearing my modern pants after always wearing vintage clothes. I feel like my wardrobe is becoming more complete!


They’re made out of houndstooth patterned corduroy. The pattern is from 1965. Next time I wear the other pair, I will take a picture of them!

About the author: I am currently in high school and very interested in retro sewing, and I love anything vintage.

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  • Gabriella January 26, 2014, 11:55 am

    Love these! I am completely addicted to 60s pants and these are so pretty! Love the houndstooth!

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