Simplicity 2118, Rockabilly Summer Tops

Just sneaking my last bit of vintage sewing into the end of 2013 – some basic women’s summer tops using Simplicity 2118 (circa late 1950s).


















This is what the pattern sleeve looks like – I went with View 1. Apparently they are bra tops – I couldnt image wearing this as a bra!
















I didnt realise how versatile this pattern was until I made it up – it only takes an hour or so, and uses under 1.5m of fabric.

The pattern has plenty of ease, and I didnt need to do a FBA to size up  like I would normally (I have a 39 inch bust, the pattern is for a 38 inch).

The golden rod fabric I used is a new quilter’s homespun (mercerized cotton) from Spotlight here in Australia. It’s got a really nice polished feel to it, and comes in some fab retro colour ways.

I made it again in black poplin for my Christmas Day outfit, plus a 1940’s tablecloth turned into a skirt.

I would recommend this pattern if you can get your hands on it; easy, versatile and a great wardrobe builder.

• Meet the Author • Bex

A vintage obsessed, rockabilly femme living in Sydney, Australia. I hoard vintage knitting and sewing patterns, and shoes. So many shoes. My favourite era is the late 1930s- early 1940s.

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  • gorgeous! I really should make more tops myself. And only 1.5 meters of fabric! perfect for the stash

  • I’m intrigued by the suggestion that it could be worn as a bra, too. I suppose the midriff-baring version might work, perhaps, if it was made in a sturdy material and worn skintight under the bust, but still… Maaaaybe if you don’t want/need much support or separation. Looks great as a summer top, though.

  • Wow, what great tops!
    Thanks for suggesting this pattern, I will def get it :)
    Also, I LOVE your lobster pin ;) so cute!

  • Lovely! If it gets chilly, it’s so easy to toss on a sweater, too!

  • This is fantastic!! I love color coordinating skirts like this. What a great versatile pattern.

  • Cute! Also loving the lobster pin. I have a pair of earrings that involve wire crochet and big red plastic lobsters. :)

  • Really love this, you look lovely, will have to have a look for this pattern! :)

  • That lobster pin is KILLING!!!!


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