My holiday sweater ;)

I can’t believe how much time I spent on this sweater! At some point during knitting, I had good hopes of finishing it before Christmas…

This is the second real garment I’ve made on my old knitting machine. Again, it’s based on a pattern from the 1950’s (1957, to be precise) and this one was written especially for knitting machines.

Which is why that yoke is made from ten separate pieces. I could see the potential of the sweater but I didn’t like the design on the yoke, so I decided to play around with the knitting machine’s fair isle option instead. I made my own fair isle design, adapted to the shape of those yoke pieces.

Knitting them was a bit of a learning curve (my apologies for the blurry picture, it was already getting dark again and the camera flash doesn’t like black surfaces). I think I got the hang of it about half way through.

And all the rib bits were  a bit of an issue because mine a single bed knitting machine (you need a double bed for rib knit). In the end, I used the fake rib suggested in the manual.

Sewing together all those pieces was quite time-consuming as well. I finally finished the sweater on 1 January.

It’s really comfortable and I’m particularly proud of how my fair isle design on the yoke turned out.

I blogged about the work-in-progress here and about the finished article here.

• Meet the Author • Lauriana

Seamstress, pattern maker and vintage fashion enthusiast from the Netherlands.

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  • That is a beautiful sweater! I had no idea one could knit something like that on a machine. I knit by hand, but a machine would certainly spare my acing fingers :)

  • That is lovely, exactly the kind of jumper I’ve been looking for (sadly the novelty tacky jumper’s taken centre stage in the UK). I’ve always wanted to try a knitting machine but I admit to being scared. They look like an instrument of torture!

  • What a beautiful sweater; impressive.

  • This is gorgeous! I wish I could knit like this.

  • Oh my gosh, this is lovely. I’m yet to start with my knitting machine but this has certainly inspired me to get cracking with it! :)


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