Mommy ‘n Me ‘n Me (too!)

I made the little one and I some Mommy and Me Christmas dresses. The truth is, I started making mine first, and when my little bunny saw it, she wanted one too. Of course, I spent hours embellishing her dress, and then I was hand hemming mine on Christmas Eve eve! All’s well that ends well. I’m sure I could blather on for a while here, but since it’s already mid January, lets just do photos and captions, shall we?

Mommy ‘n Me in the Holler
Sewing Together- Melt my Heart!


The Little Diva requested several Fittings


Braiding metallic rick rack


Braided Rick Rack stitched down with clear nylon thread, plus sequins & beads on the holly
Trick for reinforcing center back zipper with selvage


My dress and pattern in the planning stages


Oh, I forgot! It was Mommy ‘n Me ‘n Me (too!)
Now if her Barbie just had a little Barbie….

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  • I love the example of dressing it up for different looks. So fun!

  • Very cute!

    Where, oh where did you find the fabric? The print looks like vintage #1 Barbies!

  • Adorable! All three of you.

    That fabric is fantastic.

  • Too cute! I saw this fabric at one of the shops and loved it, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. . . I just love what you’ve done with it! Also, that idea of braiding the ric-rac is BRILLIANT and I am sure to copycat at that at some point! 😉


  • This is a adorable! I really like the idea of the braiding ric-rac too. How creative!

  • That fabric is amazing! I love the idea of the braided ric rac too!

  • Your dresses are adorable! and I love that fabric. It was on my wish list this year, but I never picked it up. So nice to see it made it up! Posts like these make me wish I had a little one around to sew for — I don’t think I could get my dog to wear a cute dress 😀


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