Avengers Assemble

I just wanted to share with you all what a little vintage flare can do for costuming.

Last Easter some friends and I dressed up as the avengers for a role playing convention. But with a sweet vintage twist. By using a vintage 1950’s reprint (Butterick 5603) pattern we created our favourite superhero’s super classy.

This pattern is one I would definitely recommend, the fit and style are so flattering and with 3 neckline choices there is definitely something for everyone.

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• Meet the Author • Heapha

Starting with costume making (which would still be my true though unindulged sewing passion) I have been behind the machine for about a decade. I am horrible at keeping my blog up to date (so is my blog buddy ange). I have been vintage sewing for about 3 years now and my favourite era varies so regularly that I couldn't say - though the other issue is that the 30's stuff I love was not designed on my more typically 50's hourglass.

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  • This made me smile – I particularly like Captain America and Iron Man. What kind of feedback did you get from the convention crowd?

    • in honesty I got told I looked like a ww2 nurse lol. If you didn’t have at least 2 of us together some of the costumes got lost. Obviously not captain america or Ironman though lol

  • That is awesome! :)

  • I really like this unique idea! It has inspired me.

  • That is super fun! What a lovely job!

  • This is really clever! They all look lovely

  • Great job! I love it when people use a vintage twist in costuming. I did something very similar last spring for Comic Con St. Louis. I put a vintage twist onto a Rogue from the X-Men costume.

    • I like feminising supers without making them “trampy” I would love to see your vintage rogue.

  • I love this! Classy costumes for a con. Very impressive. :)


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