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A Rayon Dream

January 24, 2014

I adore rayon! It’s the fabric I most wish would come back into modern fashion. I’m always on the hunt for rayon with a great retro style print and I fell in love with this divine polka dot yardage.

It’s the size of the print and the color that make this perfect for late 30s/early 40s rather than 50s/60s where polka dots often shine. I ended up pairing this with Wearing History’s Dahlia blouse pattern. Originally, I had a button down blouse in mind but once I got this fabric in my hands, I knew it was screaming to be something more drapey.

The version I made has a cute little bow in the back! And the back is longer to help it stay tucked in to skirts and pants. 1900s and 1910s blouses often have this feature and I have to say it’s quite handy.

I also love, love the neckline! It’s high but not too high. And the edge of the wrap is cut on the grain rather than the bias like most wrap dress/blouse patterns I’ve worked with so there’s no bias stretch to make your neckline gape open.

To finish off the look, I also whipped up Simplicity 3457, an early 40s 12 gore skirt, in some fine whale corduroy.

For a more in depth pattern review of the Wearing History Dahlia blouse pattern and more photos, feel free to pop on over to my blog.

  1. I hear you on the part about rayon–fabrics! I’m also always on the look–out for rayon in cool prints. The outfit you’ve made is so beautiful. I love the blouse, especially the neckline. Like you say its not too low, which I sometimes find to be a problem when sewing these kind of draped fronts. Thanks for the inspiration:o)

  2. What a gorgeous blouse!
    I’m going to your blog now because I’m intrigued by what you told about the pattern. It sounds like it deals with the issues I usually have with styles like this.

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