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A Bombshell Swimsuit… in January

January 11, 2014

So, I finally finished my bombshell swimsuit, just in time for the middle of winter! I know, the timing seems ridiculous, but I actually wear a bathing suit way more in the winter than in the summer, since we have a hot tub and I really don’t care much for swimming. It was my first time sewing a bathing suit and although it’s far from perfect, I absolutely love it!

I made View A in this adorable watermelon-print fabric from The Fabric Fairy, which I ordered online (the irony is that I don’t actually like eating watermelon…). I won’t say much about the pattern because it’s all been said already! It’s fantastic – so flattering and retro-looking.

That being said, I did have some problems with the fit, but they were my fault rather than the pattern’s. I managed to improvise a “quick fix” that probably ended up taking more time than ripping it out and starting over, but the fit is good now. The inside is a bit of a mess, which would usually bug me, but not this time because, um, I MADE A SWIMSUIT.

For more photos and construction details, see my blog post. Thanks for reading!

  1. Lovely!! and I <3 that print! fyi: you should check your your word typo in the 2nd sentance (before the word 'bathing')! ;^)

  2. Lovely!! and I <3 that print! fyi: you should check your word 'typo' in the 2nd sentence (before the word 'bathing')! ;^)

  3. I looove this! I really want to make a bathing suit, but I’m afraid of the stretchy fabric:( You did a great job, and it fits you really well!

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