1950’s Winter Jumper

I think this is my favorite project I’ve sewn, so much so, I even laminated the pattern pieces so I can make more then one or two or three.  I needed a new dress for an event for the cold winter we had and I wanted to be comfy.  My odd fabric for this one was car upholstery fabric. It sewed up so smooth and the pattern matched up great at the seams.  I love wearing it was black tights and a black sweater in the winter.  And very Comfy!


• Meet the Author • Askmeg

Hi everyone! My name is Meg. I'm into all things Rock-a-billy and Retro, from the cars to the cloths. Lucky for me I went to college for fashion design and developed a love for sewing at a young age. You may notice in my projects, that I love to alter the standard patterns and use very usual fabrics. The more of a challenge the better.

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  • This is lovely! I mean it as a compliment when I say the fabric pattern reminds me of the holodeck on star trek! So great!

  • You matched the pattern well! Nice work:)

  • I sewed this dress (same view) a couple of years ago! Its a great dress, so versatile. Nice job!

  • I sewed this last year I think, both the full skirted and the narrow skirted one. They’re posted here somewhere. Yours looks nice! Its a lovely pattern to work with. 🙂

  • Nice job! I sew with odd fabrics sometimes but if they work, then what the hey!


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