My Poiret Cocoon Coat and others

Ah, bonjour!

yes it’s been a very long time since I’ve been on here, although I’ve returned every now and again to admire what everyone else has been making. I haven’t done as much sewing as I would like recently, which is rubbish, but that’s what having a bloomin’ full-time job’s all about, eh? (nobody told me this when I was younger btw).

Anyway here are some pics of my cocoon coat that took early 2 years on and off to make. I was determined to take my time but also not let it become a UFO. It has been a labour of love and actually not pressuring myself to finish it by a deadline helped me to stay in love with it.

I have not worn it out out yet (that’s English for ‘somewhere nice’), just because I haven’t really been anywhere nice enough and our winter thus far has involved an unflattering combination of gales and heavy rain. But bring on the snow, and I will head on down to the steam train with me cloche hat too.

The only other thing that I have made recently is a 1960s style dress from one of my mum’s patterns and some vintage cotton I bought at uni about 10 years ago…but hey at least it’s all been finally used, ahem.

I do think I need to make more 1960s stuff as it obviously suits my frame better. Sewing has actually taught me even more that you have to play to your strengths an, let’s just say that my bottom half has a lot more going on.

Been shopping and so fed up with super skinny trousers that are so tight that by the time my foot has got through the ankle hole I am exhausted and lying against the changing room wall like an asthmatic donkey. So I am just going to make some trousers. Tomorrow is sewing day and I have just bought various fabric and gonna use a couple of 1970s patterns to make some with, so I’ll keep you posted on those projects.

Good luck with all your sewing too me deers,


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  • Your cocoon coat is so perfect!!

  • Wow, that coat is a really unique piece. Lovely job.
    You look great in your 60’s dress too!

  • Lovely coat! I must have read it three times though before I realized it did NOT say “raccoon coat” lol

    The dress is really cute too!

  • Ha ha, you are funny! And your coat and dress look great. I wish I could see more of a close up photo of the coat, though. It looks beautiful.

  • My new outfit is leggings with a 60’s A-line dress and boots. While my butt isn’t abnormally large, I have a nice little pot belly that can hide under the dress. I never thought I’d like 60’s clothes, but they do look good on me. Plus, I can add all manner of pockets to tunics!

  • Brilliant! Poiret is my favorite designer. You did a really lovely job!

  • Thank you all very much for your lovely comments. I would normally put close-ups/detail on my blog but I’m thinking of retiring it, just because I feel that between this and Pinterest, and that darned thing called ‘work’, I forget to update one thing or another. We’ll see (read: procrastinate for months). Just ordered a couple more sixties patterns to make the most of my legs whilst they’re still decent. I’ll have to put less effort into my day job and more time to sewing, haha.


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