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My 1960s dress

This is economy Design E233.   I found it in my Nan’s  stash.

Economy design

Economy design

I thought the picture sheet was lovely and I decided on design A.  I had all the pieces but no instructions!  I used a plain cotton drill in purple.  I’d have loved to use a wool crepe but I was worried I’d mess it up without those instructions.

I added the braid  to the neckline and hem.

I thought this made the dress look more 60s. I like the dress and it’s fun. If I were to make it again, I’d shorten the bust darts as they are too long

This was my first vintage pattern and I really enjoyed sewing it.   I’m looking forward to my next vintage make.

About the author: I started sewing a few months ago and I have not looked back. It’s so amazing to take a flat piece of cloth and with a few alterations you have a garment. Nearly all my sewing has been using vintage fabric, old curtains, or old patterned sheets. I’ve enjoyed reading blogs on sewing, including this one, and now I have my own little blog too. I’m just finding my sewing “voice”; learning my skills and discovering what suits me. This is all such fun.

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  • Little Black Car December 2, 2013, 9:29 am

    Adorable! I love the color and trim!

  • StyleSixties December 2, 2013, 5:11 pm

    I love the trim on this dress, it looks great!

  • Smee January 6, 2014, 2:51 pm

    That is a lovely shade of purple! You did a great job on it, and that trim is spectacular. It really sets off nicely against that purple!

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