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Harry Potter’s Grey Lady

While not exactly Retro, I love how this costume came about.

A friend of mine was throwing a Halloween/Birthday party with a Harry Potter theme.  She was going as Nearly Headless Nick so I thought it would be fun to be a fellow ghost and go as the Grey Lady.

I was in a Vintage shop in Brooklyn soon after (The Odd Twin) and there was a hoop skirt and petticoat for sale. When do you ever see that?! So of course I had to buy them. I rationalized saying I could use it for my costume and, seriously, when do you ever see a real live hoop skirt for sale?!

Here are some photos, sorry the background is a mess. My dorm did not allow for too much movement.


Hoop Skirt




So for this costume, I found a cheap pre-layered mesh and basically just cut a huge square so that i could create a huge gather at the waist. to create even more fullness, I always inserted triangle gussets. There was a time crunch so rather than complete a full dress, I used the excess from the triangles to create a look shawl. I then tied the shawl in front to create a bit of a waist-cinched look.

Skirt front

Front Closeup

Below is my finished product, accessorized and full makeup. Sadly, it doesn’t look as nice on me as it did on the mannequin (at least in this photo), but there’s nothing like running around in a real vintage hoop skirt.

They Grey Lady and Sir Nicholas


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  • Deb December 21, 2013, 7:26 pm

    I have a hoop skirt I bought for a masquerade ball a few years back. Not vintage, but fun just the same. Your costume turned out lovely!

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