Fairytale christmas dress

This dress is not based on an actual vintage pattern but I still had a very “vintage” look in mind. After I recently found out how much I enjoy to more consciously “design” my sewing projects I decided to approach my next project in a different way, more or less without a fixed pattern and with lots of time to come up with my own ideas. In the last weeks I sewed my christmas dress with these principles in mind – and it was so much fun! I had bought the lilac wool last spring and combined it with different ribbons and pieces of lace. The skirt is based on my usual beloved dirndl “pattern” but I added a horizontal pleated part. Back and front are decorated with the same ribbons but in a different manner. For the cape I used Sew Vera Venus wonderful free mini cape pattern. I used a light iron-on interfacing and added lace to the collar and the seams. Both the skirt and the cape are lined with a cream colored fabric, I usually skip this part but it feels quite luxurious. The cape’s buttons are closed with a simple frog fastening (is this the correct term? I am referring to this kind of closure.), I made it with a piece of ribbon from the skirts back. I finally made a headband from a leftover wool  scrap and adorned it with another piece of ribbon. As a result I will look like a vintage Lolita/Alice on christmas eve – not the worst thing that could have happened I guess? Anyway – I wish you a very happy christmas and am curious to see more christmas dresses appearing here in the next two weeks (-:

You can find a few more pictures are on my blog, Draped in Cloudlets.

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My name is Rike, I grew up by the baltic sea and moved to Cologne a few years ago. I am interested in art and illustrations, vintage and modern fashion and most things cute and beautiful.

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  • I absolutely love your creativity in this outfit. The pleats and ribbon and lace came together so lovely! I would have never thought to combine all those different trims but you pulled it off like a master seamstess. I can imagine this as a child or adult outfit. I tip my sewing needles to you my dear, well done!!

    • What she said! Also, really loving those horizontal pleats down the front! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. :)

  • How lovely. Very judicious use of trim!

  • Wow, this dress is so pretty! I love the colour combinations used and the little caplet you added. Seriously lovely!

  • This is fabulous! Reminds of something Alice would wear on this season’s “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland”
    I love when free playing turns out so well.

  • Beautiful! I’ve been playing a bit more too with my sewing. I start with a pattern but alter it a lot to fit the design in my head. So much fun! Can’t wait to see what else you create! :)

  • Thank you so much for your kind comments, I am very flattered!


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