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Gunne sax inspiration

November 20, 2013

I had always loved that style, but gunne sax was not in my radar. Now that I have a name for that style, I am thinking of making a dress.


I am actually considering this one



I know it’s maternity, but I was thinking white cotton, lace etc. I love the pin tucks as well.This dress does have a mod feel to it, but it could be boho.

What do you girls think?


  1. Far more boho than mod, I think. I’m sure you could de-maternity-fy it (I assume? It sounded here as if you didn’t need a maternity top/dress); I have maternity patterns that I got because I liked the elements, and I just need to reduce the tummy space in the front.

    Try getting on eBay or Etsy and searching “prairie dress”, “boho dress”, “hippie dress”, “gunne”, etc. for inspiration.

  2. I made a dress almost exactly like that back in the late 70’s. It wasn’t a maternity dress, just a style of the times. Mine had short sleeves that were left full – as if your puff ones weren’t gathered at the hem and were a little longer. The skirt came down to just below my knees. I just checked my patterns but I don’t have it any more.

  3. Thanks for the advice girls. I don’t need maternity (yet 🙂 ) so I may play with the pattern a bit. I do love the boho style, and If it works I see it worn with boots, cardigan and a leather jacket. You are right, there is no mod in this one, but I find myself attracted to 70s patters a lot lately. Hmmm…

  4. you actually can get gunne sax patterns, simplicity released at least one (its in my collection though I have never made it) might be worth a google. This one could work with the right material though.

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