1. I am still trying to firuge out how to get the cutting needles out of their packaging without destroying them. I usually firuge things out readily, but I am not having any luck at all (nor has anyone I’ve asked to help me, even the guy who owns the sewing machine store closest to me). I was overjoyed to see Designs in Machine Embroidery finally publish an article that used the Artistic Sewing Suite and the cutting needles and it was very helpful. It would be very helpful if someone at this site could, please, explain how to use the small, plastic device that apparently is used to insert the needles. I love this software, but have been waiting patiently for over a year to have someone respond to my question. This is the first time I’ve been so totally stumped by a gadget and I cannot begin to try the cutting software until I get the cutting needles out of the container they came in if I force one out, it is going to break and there has to be some trick that is so obvious that I’m totally missing it. Please?

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