Frocktober 2013

In Australia October is known in many vintage circles as Frocktober. It’s a chance to wear a Frock every day of the month & raise money & awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. It was started by two fabulous Swing dancers.
This year my aim was to go Vintage every time I left the house & raise $1000.
I’m just shy of my target, but I promise to wear my 1950’s style wedding dress tomorrow if I get there.
Here’s a taste of what I’ve worn

Luckily I am a costume designer & was able to borrow back a whole stack of dresses I’ve made from about 10 years of school productions, plus a few from my own personal collection.
I think after this I might be doing a regular vintage outfit every week. it’s been a blast.

• Meet the Author • empireroom

I am a costume designer & mobile seamstress. For as long as I can remember I have loved everything do do with sewing & creating. I would spend hours sitting at the end of my Mama's bed sifting through the fabric trunk & sorting the button tin. I made my first dress at 5 for my Barbie, & my first me size seersucker skirt with the sewing machine at 7. I have a ridiculous number of patterns & reference books, far too much fabric, wool & haby, & an alarming number of sewing machines.

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  • Wow, a whole month of vintage style dresses… That’s impressive. And there are some lovely outfits there!

  • How fun. I didn’t realize Australia did that. Super cool. Looks like you’ve had lots of great dresses to wear.

  • Wow, that’s very interesting. And I love your dresses!

  • You look lovely, fantastic frocktober!

  • Frocktabulous!

    I did Frocktober for the first time this year and apart from three Hell Bunny dresses and a tutu skirt, every dress was one of my own.

    Loved seeing some of yours too – beautiful work!


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