Expert Guidance Sought ….

Having more genuine vintage fabric than anyone individual should have I have a creative juices overload so seek the expert guidance of you all dear readers of WeSewRetro!

A new purchase to my collection, this delicious 1950’s crepe is even better in the ‘flesh’. (Purchased here)

Now I do a storm in cushion families BUT I fear I am hemming myself in (see…. everything is sewing based)!

For my up and coming vintage fair

CHOICE 1 : Full Apron …. from a vintage pattern of course

CHOICE 2: A little girls ‘party’ dress, again from a vintage pattern

What do you think? Other ideas are welcome, if I recall without digging it out I have 2m of this oh sew pretty fabric.

As always thank you for your time x

• Meet the Author • Sewin Love

Mum taught me to sew from the age of 4 starting with a pencil case, 44 years on I make anything and everything but take special pleasure in gowns of every description, Bridal, Ball, Christening and the like. If I can source vintage fabric and findings all the better, I love for there to be a story behind each piece.

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6 comments… add one

  • I can’t really see this as an apron fabric, so I would go for the little girl’s dress. Even better, how about a vintage woman’s blouse?

  • Ooh yeah, blouse or dress are both good choices. Lovely fabric.

  • It’s probably too fancy for an apron. I also vote blouse but a girls dress would be cute too!

  • A blouse or maybe an Easter dress for a little girl. Its really very nice fabric.

  • I have to agree with the others, I can’t see this as an apron. I vote a dress or blouse.

  • Thank you so much for your input fellow vintage lovers. I do have a curve ball however….. someone suggested a kimono at the eleventh hour and I confess to thinking how very pretty that would look as the fabric is probably a little too firm for a blouse.

    Will of course post my journey here as soon as I have something to report :)


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