Airelle Bloue in Some Beutiful Vintage Cotton (with spots on!)

Hey guys!

My latest make is another project which used vintage cotton- I love working with vintage fabrics more than I like working with vintage patterns, couldn’t tell you why, exactly.

So, anyway, I found this fabric in my local vintage clothes shop which has a secret room full of old linens, notions and other awesome stuff! It was about 2.5m of fabric, and only 30″ wide.  I almost literally snatched it up, not that anyone else was in the room for competition, but for £5, I had to have it!

I didn’t have set plans for the fabric when I got it, so saved it until inspiration struck.  When I ordered the Airelle Blouse, by Deer and Doe, I had found the perfect project for the fabric and set to work as soon as the pattern arrived.  It makes the perfect match and I really enjoyed making this top.  I had no issues with the construction, and the fabric was a dream to work with. The result is a top I really love, which I’m pleased about as I fear wasting lovely vintage fabrics.  I’ve owned the finished top for about a week, and have worn it three times already!


For more information and a couple more photos, check out my blog-


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  • Oh my goodness. I love it, too. What a darling pattern. No wonder you are wearing it constantly. And congrats on the fabric.

  • I had to laugh at your description of discovering the fabric. I do the exact same thing when I find fabric in a charity shop! The fabric is lovely and works beautifully with that pattern.

  • Gotta love those charity shop finds! Vintage fabric is usually a much better quality than what you can find in shops today. Lovely blouse!


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