Teacups and 40s

I always enjoy collecting fabrics with quirky prints. Sometimes it’s flamingos, sometimes it’s terriers… So no wonder I bought 3mt of a fabric with thick lines made of piles of teacups the minute I saw it!

But the urge to sew a 1940s inspired dress out of a fabric filled with unwashed dishes?… That was quite new even for me 🙂

1940s dress and teacups

I had in mind a pattern with  some gather on the shoulders but quite tight a the waist.

Actually I was aiming for a look like this:

Unfortunately I did not have such pattern. So I improvised a little using a rather dull blouse pattern from BurdaStyle :

into this:

Apparently I got rid of the collar first; then gave a V shape to it. Then I lengthened the skirt.

And finally… of course I had to pose with a cup! 🙂

What do you think? Does it look like a real retro dress even with the pile of dirty cups? 😉

join me on my blog for more photos on this project: http://www.kendindik.com/2013/08/biriken-bulasiklar.html

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  • This is a clever idea, and really well done 🙂 .The fabric is quite funny, I like it 🙂

    • Thanks Sophie 😀 I’m thinking about wearing it to a serious business meeting. Maybe it’ll work its magic 😉

  • This is a fantastic fabric (like you I have a complete soft spot for quirky prints – I have some atomic print fabric winging its way to me at the moment, hopefully for some curtains!) I also love how you used the blouse sewing pattern for the dress top.

    • Thanks Jessica! I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see the atomic printed fabrics and what you’ll do with them 😉

  • This is wonderful! I LOVE the teacups!

  • I love this fabric. It’s pretty cool how it looks like your average stripe from afar, but then reveals all the teacups. I wish I had it in my stash!

    • Thanks!
      But I must say that you also have a plenty of amazing fabrics in your stash — as far as I can see from your blog 😉

  • Super! The fabric is so fun!

  • A girl after my own heart, I cannot resist a quirky print (latest is Mexican wrestlers – cannot wait for that to arrive). Love love love your dress, you are, indeed, a very stylish lady!

    • Mexican wrestlers?!! I can’t wait to see that as well 🙂 send me your blog address and I’ll keep an eye on the wrestlers to come 😀
      thanks a lot for the flattering comments 😀

  • ACK, I NEED that fabric it’s so awesome! Are you able to give any info about it?

    • well… first of all I found it in Turkey 🙂 I can give you the fabric shop’s address if you’re close by 😉
      second, it was a printed satin
      third, (i’m sorry to say this but….) it cost me only 3 USD!

  • This dress is made of awesome. I love it!


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