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Pine Lime Splice

September 19, 2013

I honestly thought I wouldn’t like this dress once it was complete. I liked the fabric, but it had a kind of cliché 60s feel to it with the daisies and bright green and so on, but now that it’s sewn up, I’m pretty darn happy that it is so typically 60s

The fabric is a soft weave that may have been a curtain or table cloth. I picked it up for $4 at the opp shop down the street. I didn’t notice at the time, but the print drops out on one side, so the back of the dress has a colour error. But I’m not fussed!  

Can you see my cat sneaking around the corner?

The pattern I used was Butterick 4774 – the same at The Party dress 

The colour has dropped on the left side of the dress

Because of my lack of faith in the fabric print, I thought why not try a different technique for the facings. It would be a good time to try it out considering the fabric was cheap.

I tried to do an all in one facing where the neck and arm holes are one piece. It’s pretty easy to draft up and sew on in a normal situation, but because I wanted to add a Peter Pan collar I left the shoulder and neck open until they were ready to be sewn together. Which is why you can see the seam at the top of the shoulders and that the zipper hasn’t been closed off neatly.




From the outside it looks OK though and I trimmed the facings in lace just to be a fancy pants sewer and to make up for my boo-boo

Another silly mistake I make was sewing the shoulder dart on the outside of the dress. A rookie mistake, but I’m not really fussed to fix it. Only because you can’t really tell it there and cause meh…


The print colours reminds me of an ice-cream on a stick we have here called a Splice. Its vanilla ice-cream in the middle, and pine-lime flavoured ice lolly on the outside. (There is even a cocktail version of this that you can make with Midori, Malibu, pineapple juice and cream)

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to eat both of those things while wearing this dress this summer

Mandatory silly pose

Have you ever had a project that turned out well despite your assumptions? Have you ever had a Splice ice-cream? They’re yummy!

Cat xo

  1. Hi. I am looking for some vintage Peter Pan Paisley fabrics, some Avlyn jeweled Essential fabrics and some Joan Kessler for Concord paisleys. They all use the same patter but were used differently.

    Peter pan was done with paisley flower petals that look like paisley. Many different color lines. The Avlyn did them tone on tone. Some with dark outline and some with light outline. I have found 6 of these. The Joan Kessler, she made her paisleys smaller and I have found 3 of hers. Can you please help me find some? Or lead me to where they might have some. I would attach some pics but you cant.

    Please help me. Thank you.
    KC Polk

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