Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing Dior New Look skirt

My first pattern from Gertie’s book and I love it.  A six gored skirt which makes your waist look tiny.  Easy to wear without a petticoat (and probably the first vintage make I feel I can wear for work)  or dressed up and more vintage with a full fluffy petticoat.  Although its a straightforward pattern and shouldn’t cause too much difficulty you can read about my rather disastrous journey  on my blog!




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Living in the North West of England and working in education. Love sewing and knitting especially vintage styles.

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  • Ohhhh, I need a skirt that makes it look like I have a waist! Lots of smoke & mirrors needed around here! Thanks for the hint & I have the book already!

    Yours is lovely; really nice fabric. Thanks!!

  • Beauty

  • Looks lovely! This is on my list too.

  • Looks lovely!


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