“Falling In Love with Roses” Dress

Hello there! I’ve been reading and enjoying posts here since the old website, but just now got around to posting. (I know, I’m not slow though, just busy.)

So, I thought I’d show you the most recent dress I made for myself a couple weeks back. It’s made from Simplicity 4426 (late 50s/early 60s?), and I love it!

Everything for this dress came from my stash, except for the buttons, which my mom picked up for me somewhere (maybe Walmart?). I used a solid buttery yellow for the top and rose print cotton in autumnal tones for skirt. I did this because I didn’t have enough of the roses fabric on hand, but I think it turned out better than it would have if it had been all print.

I do love this style and can see myself making more versions in the future.

Come visit me, here.

Happy Vintage Sewing, y’all!

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  • Very nice! the fabrics match really well and it looks like you’ve made 2 separate items. And you can pop a jumper on and then you can have the skirt be a feature – perfect!

  • Perfection. Love the collar, the sleeves, the print.

  • You all are very kind. I may have to redo the darts on top as I have finished weaning my youngest son, and I’m a different size there, lol. And I am thinking of crocheting a sweater/cardigan to wear with it for cooler weather. I’m just trying to decide what color to make it.

  • Lovely dress! I’ve always wanted to try one of these dresses that looks like a 2-piece. Your’s is a great inspiration!

    • Thank you! I had always wanted one, too, but was afraid to try it before. Now, who knows what I’ll come up with, lol.

  • Wow! Love this dress. Coincidentally, I recently bought this very pattern but haven’t yet had a chance to sew it. I love your idea of using a contrast fabric for the bodice. That is genius and an idea I will definitely use. Wonderful job!

    • Thank you! I’m glad now I didn’t have enough of the roses fabric, lol. I usually stumble upon things like that, lol.


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