Channeling Jackie Kennedy with the Emery Dress

September 11, 2013

Doesn’t this dress remind you of some wonderfully classy dress Jackie Kennedy would wear? It’s Christine Haynes’ newest pattern, the Emery Dress. I think it’s the darling bow that really does it. I just love the 1960s vibe!


I used a teal linen for the fabric on this dress, and although it gets terribly wrinkly, it was a dream to sew and feels wonderful on. This pocket also has inseam pockets, which are wonderfully convenient.

I’m already addicted to this pattern and will be stitching up two more versions of this dress on my blog this month, what I’m calling “Emery Month”

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  1. The dress is super cute! You look so good in it 😉
    So happy to see a dress like this NOT cropped above the knees, as so many does. Of course it is personal preference, but I think this length of skirt really gives that authentic look. And your hair plays the part very well, too 🙂

  2. Hey I think you’ve done a really nice job on this, so very cute.

    By the way, I visited your blog and wanted to comment but it wont let me as I don’t use any of those accounts.

    I think it was a wise decision not to use an invisible zipper, they are not a good choice when there is a waist band or any thickness of fabric.

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