Butterick – The Art of Dressmaking from 1927

Even though I’m more a 60s/70s fan, I wanted to share a few images from a 1927 Butterick book I found in my basement (yes, really) called The Art of Dressmaking.

It’s not chock-full of photos as it’s a really solid how-to book, but there are some really cute illustrations!


A few more photos on my blog, Manic Pop.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Nicole - Midwest retro-inspired fashion designer who loves mostly psychedelic vintage clothing. I primarily draft all of my own patterns and works can be seen on my blog, Manic Pop. I collect vintage sewing catalogs and love sewing with vintage fabrics.

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  • What a fabulous find!

  • I found the same book at a thrift shop for 25 cents a few weeks ago! It’s amazing

  • I inherited that book from my mother-in-law who never threw anything away. It’s so much fun to browse through.


  • The book is available in an electronic edition at the http://www.archive.org that publishes public domain sources. There are quite a lot of interesting books on sewing, domestic science and tailoring there.


  • Really great book. I love the illustrations. I have looked at some other books like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have this book, too! I bought it about 15 yrs ago for 20 dollars. i used to keep it propped open on my desk to that cute first page illustration. 🙂

  • That’s so fun. What a great find!


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