Retro Restyle: a Navy jacket


Fresh off the sewing machine is a restyled Navy uniform top.  I found this at the local thrift and it’s riddled with moth holes.  I didn’t want to toss it away so decided to do a make-over.  I split the center front, added a zipper and did a bit of embellishing.  More details at my blog.

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Shepherdess, retro-housewife, mother, seamstress... but labels can be deceiving. I also play the sax, butcher chickens and sing in the church choir. I raise sheep and bale hay. I sew from Grandma's patterns and drive a 1950 Ford Shoebox. Life at the Willow Homestead is retro right down to the 1947 Frigidaire!

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  • I’m so sorry to be the one to post this, but the cuteness of your top is almost being upstaged by the super adorableness of that dog!

  • LOL @ Abby!

    Your dog looks just like the one my BFF had as a child! He was Great Pyrenees and something else. 🙂

    The top is cute, but I think your dog is stealing the show! LOL Or is that a very hairy pony? I’m not really sure.. 😉

  • What an excellent an excellent idea and what a cute dog!

  • I love up-cycled or re-purposed clothes. This one is one of the best I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing.


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