My Barbie Doll Maxi Dress

I couldn’t wait to get home and get to work sewing this Barbie fabric I bought at the car boot sale.

There wasn’t quite enough fabric to lay the pattern pieces out properly so I had to improvise and the print doesn’t match as well as I’d like it to it have done.

The 1970 Woman “Easy Make” pattern was anything but.  The instructions weren’t particularly clear to follow and I broke my last needle before I could attach the trim so I’ll have to do that at a later date.  The 32″ bust should have been perfect size-wise but it turned out to be very loose hence the belt. Hopefully the crazy fabric distracts from the imperfections.

• Meet the Author • Vintage Vix

I'm Vix, a jumble sale-ing, car-booting, skip-diving, charity shopping, hedonistic hippy chick in love with life, India and vintage clothes. In my world getting dressed is always an adventure, never a chore. My style is Woodstock refugee meets Rolling Stones groupie with a bit of vintage Bollywood thrown in. I don't follow fashion and if I look ridiculous so what? Not being noticed and blending in with the crowd is my idea of hell. A day without dressing up is a day wasted.

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  • This makes my inner child squeal! I love your vintage barbie case too.

  • Awe! such a awesome fabric, you made it even more awesome using that pretty pattern! congrats! Now my inner child is screaming I want want too!!!

    • Thanks, Patricia! I wouldn’t recommend that dressmaking pattern though, total nightmare! x

  • Another winner, V V! Love the dress. Sorry the pattern instruxns weren’t so hot, but the dress came out great anyway. Fabulous job!

  • Haha! This is so fun! Even with all your troubles it looks wearable to me!

  • the 8 year old inside of me is screaming for this dress! i love it.
    I had a Barbie doona cover when i was little too!

  • Meep! This is so super cute and pretty.

  • I’ve never seen that brand of pattern before – is it just in the UK?! Wow – very curvy darts in the bodice! This dress is so cute. You did good “spotting the print.” It always helps to have smiling faces (the sun and the Barbie head) in a prominent place where the viewer’s eye can catch them right away. It looks cheerful!! In 1970, my Barbie case would have been full of tiny clothes, handmade by me and my auntie. I still make Barbie doll clothes from new, and old retro patterns. But, I digress (often about the 60s and 70s – it’s so fun.) Love your clear belt – it’s just right. Thanks for sharing your cute creations!

    • Hi Francie! Woman was a weekly magazine, I suppose the patterns must have been available to send off for. You’re right – the most eye catching bit of the pattern needs to be at the front! x


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