More Vintage Polka Dots

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

After making my Red Polka Dot Dress  a short while back I knew that it would not be the last time I would make something using polka dot fabric.

You should have heard the squeal I made when I saw this fabric. I got it when I went to Birmingham for a sewing meet up. It was on the outdoor market for just £2 per meter, words cannot describe my excitement.  It is unbelievably soft and drapes wonderfully.

Is it really sad that I get ridiculously excited over sewing related things more than almost anything else?!

I used McCall’s 6503 and was originally going to add sleeves. As it turned out I had quite a few problems with this pattern, in fact after reading up on it since then, I have noticed a few people say they had trouble with this pattern, I should have done my research in advance.

It seemed really baggy around the side bust and back so I added a line of elastic along the back waist to gather it in, As a last minute solution it actually works quite well, but at least I know to expect this issue next time I use the pattern.

I ended up omitting the sleeves, mainly because at that point I was too flustered to be bothered with them, and I turned down the stand up collar and bodice facings to make a little folded down collar, but you cant see it very well on these photos.

If I were to do it again I would perhaps do the bodice facings and waist band in a different colour to break up the pattern.

I will probably try this pattern again another time but I will make a muslin before using up my fabric, it was just a good job that this polka dot fabric was cheap and that I was able to salvage it!

There is undeniably something very vintage about this dress, but just to make sure I used the last slithers of material to make a vintage inspired tie headband to match.

Too much polka dot??

I think not!!!

My cat, Sidney decided to join in with the photographs too 😀

Thanks for reading, if you want to check out the original blog post click HERE

 Here’s to many more polka dot creations


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  • You look so cute in the dress! It looks great on you. I love the idea you had with the elastic – I may have to steal that the next time I run into some problems. Great job!

    • Thanks hun 😀 It really was a last minute idea but it ended up working great. can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of the back. hope it works out for you xxx

  • This is super cute! Way to keep going and salvage those lovely polka dots. Don’t worry sewing stuff excites me way too much too!

  • Never too many polka dots! So cute. Can’t wait for you next polka dotted project. By the way, Sidney is a nice looking cat.

  • It looks wonderful despite the problems, a fab dress and a lovely cat, too! x


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