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Fab in Plaid

August 24, 2013

There is something so fabulous yet terrifying when sewing with plaid. Even more so when said plaid is 100% silk! But when everything comes together, it’s worth it!


Plaid Silk Group Project

Yay for plaid! One trick to using plaid is to find a pattern that is going to work well with plaid. One easy way to know a pattern is good for plaids is to find a pattern illustration with plaid!


So when I found Simplicity 3750 I knew this dress was meant to be!


Plaid Silk Group Project


I made this dress to wear to an annual costuming convention called Costume College. Three other ladies made dresses from the same fabric from different periods. From left to right, it’s Regency, 1860s (think Civil War), 1869/1870 (which is a transitional period between Civil War and Bustle with an elliptical hoop) and 1950s. I know the other dresses are earlier than usual for We Sew Retro but I couldn’t help sharing the plaid fabulousness!


Plaid Silk Group Project

I had such fun making this dress even though I doubt my life will have too many events that will call for such a blod, silk dress but at least since it’s pink and green, I won’t have to make a new Christmas dress this year!


There are heaps more photos over here. Plus I did a construction post if you are interested in how exactly I sewed with silk. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

  1. I love that dress! It fits very well, you look great in it and eh… are those covered buttons in bound buttonholes? Wow.

    I love the picture of the four of you together. You all look lovely and I’m very impressed with the sewing effort involved.

  2. Gorgeous! And I am so impressed! I shy away from plaid but love it! I know I just need to be methodical and not try to rush it… definitely an inspiring dress! ~Laurie

  3. I remembered you from the fabulous picnic BBQ dress, and now this! I’m in awe of your skills and your eye for great fabric. Keep them coming!

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