EvaDress 1930s Evening Gown

August 12, 2013

I made this dress to wear at a friend’s wedding, an English summer garden wedding to be precise. It felt a bit odd to be making an evening dress, but I think the print is summery enough to avoid it looking like an evening gown. I didn’t mean for it to look so similar to the pattern illustration, but I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted so opted for this similar colourway.

It’s made from polyester chiffon, and the skirt tape detail and sash are made form silk satin. I’m not keen on the shininess of polyester satin. I also made a cotton satin slip to wear underneath, using the pattern but adapting the bodice and using bias tape for straps.

For the closure, the pattern recommended hook and eye tape. Unfortunately I didn’t have any and couldn’t get hold of any in time, so I had to make do with extra fabric and hooks and eyes. With hindsight, I should have used snaps, as they kept popping open. Luckily the sash saved me from indecent exposures.


Because I was in a bit of a rush, I used my overlocker to finish all edges, overlocking the insides and using the rolled hem function for, well, hemming. I was really pleased with how this worked out. Not the perfect vintage finish a dress like this should have, but there was something unusually satisfying with using modern techniques for finishing a vintage dress.

Next time (I’m hoping to adapt this pattern into a knee length dress) I’m going to aim for a better, more professional finish.



  1. You should definitely submit that to the EvaDress gallery… it really does look just like the pattern cover (and considerably more so than the ‘modern-day’ one that’s currently on the page!)

    So long and slim and gorgeous 🙂

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