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A Psychedelic Playsuit

August 4, 2013

As soon as I received this groovy 1960s psychedelic nylon in a package from a dear blogging friend I knew it would be the perfect for making up into a festival playsuit (or “pantdress”, as it’s called on the pattern envelope).

The 1967 pattern is a MacCall’s 8978- a gift from another generous blogging friend. ┬áIt fastens at the back with a metal zip I’d rescued from a ruined dress I’d bought from a jumble sale.

Although I did make the pockets I wasn’t keen on how they looked once they were attached so I promptly unpicked them and relegated them to the patchwork pile.

The playsuit got it’s first outing at Glastonbury 2013 on the only wet night, worn under a 1960s white fake fur coat with my trusty vintage high heeled wellies.

  1. In 1980, I foolishly gave away a big box of my old patterns. This one was in it! I’m so glad to see it again, and I love the way you sewed it up. And really nice with the long vest, which they wore a lot back then. It looks like leather, which was expensive back then, very desireable and COOL. My sweet Mom, who was a GOOD seamstress, made the pantsuit legs long. I wanted to be a cat woman for Halloween, so we picked out some leopard – print flannel. She must have made something like ears for my head, and painted whiskers on my face! We skipped the pockets, for that SLEEK look. I wore white go go boots with it! I was 10 or 11. Thank you so much for the trip back in time! (I liked the pantsuit so much I wore it on other occasions. Yes, it was fun to be an individualist, even in my preteens!!)

    1. Wow! I love your Mum’s idea of making the legs long and that you made it up in leopard print, now that’s a possibility for a future make. You must have been the grooviest kid on the block!
      I love those suede and leather jerkins, perfect for adding a hippy vibe! x

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