A hello plus 4 finished projects!

hi dolls! My name is Ines and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a beauty and vintage fashion blogger (you can check my blog here www.madameturbante.blogspot.com )
More recently I discovered the wonderful world of sewing! Both my grandmothers were seamstresses, and I always have been interested in this kind of art, but I was very busy learning and doing other stuff. Some months ago I decided to create a brand inspired by the vintage acessories (all decades) called Madame Turbante, and so my mother in law offered me a sewing machine! At the time I didn’t knew anything about sewing! I searched on google and a whole new world opened up for me 🙂 I’m still very new to this, but with your help and inspiration I feel that I can do so much more!

My very first sewing project were my turbans, which I’m most known for! Turbans are very easy to sew. Have you tried?
I created Madame Turbante brand and I sell it all over my country in flea markets. Its funny, because I only own one of my turban designs! :p


The other thing I wanted to show you is my very first attempt to sew two pillow cases from a retro fabric available at IKEA (I love IKEA, don’t you?). I loved the result! I watched a video on youtube and I was able to sew them easily!


Now the fun projects: Clothes! I was afraid of making clothing, I confess. I can picture some patterns in my head, but taking the measurements is kinda hard for me. Well, in a week I lost all fear and tried to make a blouse inspired by the 20’s and art deco. I drew the pattern myself based on a simple blouse I own, and made the adjustments necessary. I have to say that the most difficult part was to hand sew the buttons holes! God, what a mess! The great thing is that they are kinda hidden from the actually buttons. The fabric ripped a lot. So, it was a challenge, but I loveeee the result! Also, the buttons are vintage, I bought them in a flea market a couple of years ago and I was starting to think that I’d never get to use them.

And finally, but not least, my 40’s skirt with removable suspenders! Another challenge. I drew the pattern from a skirt I already own, sew the suspenders et voila! I didn’t have the chance to use it outside because it is freakin’ hot here in Portugal. I need the winterrrr!

I feel like such a cheater by not using actually patterns. What do you think about that? Are you used to draw your own patterns?


• Meet the Author • MadameTurbante

hi dolls! my name is Inês and I'm a beauty and vintage fashion/lifestyle blogger! I'm also the creator of Madame Turbante, a retro brand specialized in turbans, headbands, and all things vintage!

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  • I think you are brilliant to draw your own patterns! Just brilliant. That way you get exactly was your vision is

    • thank you doll! I can’t wait to sew more and more 🙂 <3

  • First off, drafting your own patterns is not cheating! It’s definitely the more difficult option! And secondly, you are so cute! So in love with your hair. 🙂

    • thank you very much! I find it easy so far, but I want to buy some patterns too!
      thank youuu! I’m getting used to my bob 😉 x

  • I use patterns because I find it easier: if you can do without, go for it! That’s what I would want to do, if I could. I have managed to make a skirt and a top from old clothes, but it was a lot more time consuming and I had more difficulties than with a pattern. Definitely you’re not a cheater 🙂

    And I love your skirt with suspenders!

    • thank you darling! I find it time consuming too, I want to have the experience of using commercial patterns too, to see if it is easier. 🙂 x

  • Welcome to the world of sewing! I use patterns, but I also design and draft my own patterns too. I enjoy both.
    I especially love your skirt with straps, and agree with Stephanie, you have beautiful hair. x

    • thank you so much! I promise a better picture of the skirt next time I post 😉 x

  • I love that Art Deco style top you made, really nice.
    And if you can sew without patterns – good on you!

  • What a great post! Drafting your own patterns is really jumping in at the deep end of sewing so well done, you’ve done a fantastic job.

  • Everything you’ve made dazzles me.


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