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Vogue Couturier Designs 919

July 19, 2013

Hello everyone,

Just created a quick post today to share a project I finished a little while ago.  Two of my best friends were married recently and I was honored to be the bride’s maid of honor.

The bride wore a tea length retro style gown so I decided to mimic her dress. All the girls wore different colored dress and shoes.

This photo by by Jeff Weeks of Jeff Weeks Photography

The pattern I used to create my dress was Vogue Couturier Designs 919.

This photo by by Jeff Weeks of Jeff Weeks Photography


The bodice proved to be the most difficult part of the dress to construct. The bodice and bodice lining use the same pattern pieces with the exception of the bodice fronts. There is a separate left and right front that are pleated and overlapped at the center. This seemed easy enough at first but when it came to fitting the bodice I found I had to completely redo the pleats. After, of course, I had already carefully hand stitched them in place.

The bodice right front overlaps the left. After I check the fit and stitch the pleats in place the bodice and bodice lining will be sewn right sides together along the top edge, flipped, and pressed.  If interested, I have a few more pictures of this dress project on my blog.

That’s all for now!

  1. That turned out lovely! Dontcha just love it when you spend a bunch of time doing detailed hand work, only to find you have to rip it out and start over? Ugh!

    I really like the bride’s choice to let the bridesmaids wear different colors. This is definitely a dress you can wear again.

  2. Your dress looks really lovely! It took me a moment, but I realized that I recognized you from my reenacting days. I used to interpret Sartwell’s house, but since have gotten into vintage sewing.

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