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July 21, 2013

I had planned on making this lovely dress for springtime….but naturally life got in the way and I just completed it a couple of weeks ago instead. I used a wonderful vintage, seafoam green swiss-dot 100% cotton fabric (that’s a lot for one sentence!). It was very simple to work with and now I’ve got a lovely summer dress for those hot (ha!) Seattle days. ┬áPlus: shoulder darts! I always get excited when I get to work with them…as they make setting in sleeves a dream. They also look very period accurate!

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    1. Thank you! I plan on doing a few video tutorials in the future, and I will for sure include one on this style. It should be up on my blog within a couple of months!

  1. Great work on this gorgeous, summery, dress! Those buttons are just darling and really fit nicely with the dotted swiss. Are they vintage as well?

  2. Thanks so much, everyone for your lovely compliments! I lucked out on this fabric, it was one of those random ebay finds (as was the pattern!). I will be sewing another version of this for the fall (dark brown with black velvet accenting), it should be up on my blog once it starts cooling down a bit!

  3. Great dress!

    I’m just curious about one thing: The pattern illustration shows the midriff with fish darts that end short of the bodice and skirt seams. Did you alter it, or is that one of those artistic-license moments on the part of the illustrator?

    1. They are fish-eye darts, I just extended them about 1/4 of an inch at the top to take that area in a bit. The cotton fabric is more stiff than a rayon or polyester-blend would have been so it would have led to a bit more “pillowing” than I wanted. At the bottom however, it still ends short of the skirt. The illustration does show the darts to be shorter than the pattern was though.
      Hope that helps!

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