Vintage Vogue 2787



This is a Vintage Vogue reprint of a 1948 pattern. I love asymmetry, so the S-curve down the front and the gathers made me very happy. The shoulder pads did not. If you’re interested, there is more on the shoulder pad adventure on my blog. I had a truly strange rolled spaceman sleeve going for a while.
This pattern is simple and easy to sew. I went the extra mile and made the button and loop back closure instead of using a 7 inch zipper. There is also a side zipper so that it is possible for person to actually get into the dress.

The gathers make this dress rather forgiving in the midsection—always a plus. One of the things I really love about this dress is that the style and the fabric justify the silver shoes I impulse bought last summer. Finally! If you’d like to read more, please check out my blog.

• Meet the Author • Jeannie Watt

I’m a romance writer and a sewing enthusiast. When I get into a rough patch while writing, I sew and vice versa. It works. I end up with new clothes to wear and new manuscripts to send off to my editor. I live in rural Nevada with my husband, dog, cat and horses. My idea of heaven is visiting my kids in San Francisco and shopping at Britex.

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  • Great to see this one made up – I assumed the S curve would be a real pain to sew. (P.S. Love the hat!)

  • The S-curve was my favorite part. I love new stuff like that, and it turned out great the first go.

  • This dress looks great! I tried to make it myself last year but it didn’t work for me at all. And its details are so lovely. As you said, that S-curve with the gathers on it…
    Did you go with the shoulder pads in the end (it doesn’t look like your dress has shoulder pads now)

  • Fabulous dress!

  • Great dress! You look fabulous!

  • Very impressive. You did a fabulous job; the dress looks great on you!


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