Question about Vintage Fairs/shows ?

Hey everyone :) I have seen several blogs/youtube vidoes and the like here and there mentioning that someone went to a vintage show, or vintage themed fair and I was just wondering how you find out about these things? Is there like a little database somewhere that has the big ones listed? Or is it mostly just a regional thing? Being from Iowa when I searched I just got a lot of stuff for antique shows, which don’t get me wrong I love those too! I would just really love to go to a fair that is geared more towards vintage clothing and style. Any information would be much appreciated! :)


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  • I live in Chicago and vintage fairs/things like you’re talking about happen all the time. It may just be in bigger cities but we have such events like Vintage Garage, a Vintage Bazaar that happens once or twice a year, etc.

    I don’t know of any database, but places like Yelp or Metromix (if your city is big enough) will have a database of events coming up. Either that, or just keep your eyes on the newspapers. Most events will have some sort of mention of it happening soon!


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