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1940s Mail Order 2082, Jumper with Heart Pockets

July 19, 2013
1940s jumper dress pattern

I’m still plowing on with my attempt to have a completely wearable 1940s wardrobe – either by buying or making the outfits I want need.

And the latest gap to be filled – a 1940’s jumper dress!

1940s jumper dress pattern

The pattern is Mail Order 2082, and I (hesitantly) used the sweetheart neckline version, with heart patch pockets.

mail order 2082 sewing pattern 1940s jumper dress



















I was a bit unsure about the almost ‘twee’ detailing – I like feminine clothes but this is really femme! Heart pockets?

I think using navy gaberdine, a tough tailored fabric with this girlish pattern was a good match and the style is balanced in the middle.

Surprisingly, the pattern fitted really well with minimal adjustments. Normally I’ll have to fiddle with the armhole depth, waist height, dart placement – but not this time. Minimal amount of mods, listed on my blog.

bakelite 1940s
Sorry for the cat hair! I had to wrestle with my kitty before this photo...

















The blouse is Smooth Sailing from Wearing History (my favourite shirt pattern), made from deco-print quilters cotton with vintage celluloid buttons.

One more photo because I’m so happy with how this has turned out!

  1. I love it, very stylish.

    I am yet to make a dress with a sweetheart neckline, though after I found a photo of my nana in one, I think I HAVE to do it now. I think it looks great on you!

  2. Beautiful dress, and it looks fab on you. The navy gabardine completely offsets the heart pockets and sweetheart neckline, and I love your blouse too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the dress, great job! The navy gabardine was indeed a good fabric choice. And I’m in love with your shirt as well, what a great print!

  4. Love it! The color really balances out the uber girly details so it looks more sophisticated. Lots of girly/twee styles were popular in the 40s which is hard for me to wear since it can easily make me look like I’m 12 again…. But you really made this one work!

  5. I just adore this! Sweetheart neckline, heart pockets, navy blue…dreamy.and your blouse is a perfect match.

  6. Yes, your jumper is perfect. Here is an alternative if you make another pattern with heart-shaped pockets. Turn the top inch or so of the pocket down to the front to make a little flap. Iron down and tack. I saw this technique on a vintage circle skirt and have since used it myself. I really like how it looks. Your jumper is awesome exactly the way it is…I like how the pocket tops echo the scalloped neckline. And the denim makes it look very Rosie.

  7. I think it looks amazing. I have a jumpsuit with heart pockets I haven’t done due to similar hesitations on it being a little much but you have converted me. It looks subtle and sweet the way you have done it. Now to find perfect fabric and start my own.

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